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Here's how to Buy a Bassoon
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  • New or Used?
Used Bassoons! To see all our Used Bassoons, go to our Used Page where you find details, prices and photos of used Fox bassoons, and many other brands.

New Fox bassoons are available by order, and are usually not kept in stock. Some are available on short notice, but most take from 6 weeks to 6 months to arrive, depending on the factory schedule. You can email us at to let us know you are interested in purchasing a particular model of Fox bassoon. You can call in at (603) 356-9890.

Once we know what you're after, we'll research and respond to your request with an anticipated delivery schedule. Some Fox contra bassoons may need as much as 18 months for delivery, as they are hand made to order.
  • Purchase Process
We'll request a deposit equaling 25% of the price of the instrument. Interim payments can be made at any time during the waiting period. The final payment must be received three weeks prior to the anticipated ship date. Personal checks drawn on a US bank, or wire transfers are required for this payment. We do not accept credit cards for new instrument purchases. We will explain the philosophy behind this upon request.
  • Your Warranty
Charles Double Reed Company provides one year of maintenance for normal wear of a new Fox instrument purchased from us. In addition, the Fox Corporation itself offers a complete servicing of new Fox or Renard instruments within one year of purchase, with the customer's cost to be limited to parts and shipping charges. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and is offered directly from Fox Products Corporation. Information on how to get this service will be included with the purchased instrument. New instruments are considered sold and are not returnable.
  • Do You Offer Used Instruments?
We offer a wide variety of used bassoons and update them daily on our main website. Visit our Used Bassoon Page to see prices, models, descriptions, photos and purchase methods.
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