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Fox Model 51 Bassoon
Item #INB051
YOUR COST $4,695

Originally introduced in 1965, the Renard Model 51 bassoon's long bore design can be identified by its very warm "round" tone, with even balance and excellent intonation throughout the entire range. Like the Model 41, this instrument has a durable body and secure acoustical design. In addition, this model features a compact key mechanism that makes it a popular choice for middle school music programs, those starting on bassoon at a young age, and beginning players with smaller hands.
The body is made of Polypropylene, molded with critical dimensions machine finished and includes a body lock. The mechanism is made of nickel silver keys with nickel plating. Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing joint to prevent water from entering the tone holes. All posts set in epoxy and spring posts are locked with screws. The wing joint has ho high D octave key. A plateau key covers the D hole to reduce finger stretch. The boot joint has no C(sharp) trill key, no thumb G(sharp), and no Bb trill key. Keys have been moved closer together to eliminate wide stretches. Rollers on F and A(flat) keys. The bass joint has E(flat) and D(flat) located closer to other keys for shorter reach. Rollers on E(flat) and D(flat) keys. Individually hand tuned to A-440 pitch with maximum resonance and projection. 2 Fox bocals are included: Numbers 1 and 2, C Bore.

Accessories include a fine plush-lined case, 2 reeds, seat strap, 2 drop swabs.

• C Tone Hole Liner
• Cork Tenons
• Right Hand Whisper Key Lock, Type I
• High D Key
• B(flat) Guard
• Bassoon Palm Guard
• Balance Hanger
• Case Options
Within one year, the instrument may be returned to the factory for fine tuning, acoustical adjustment, and mechanical servicing, with costs limited to freight and parts.

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