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We've been Fox dealers for over 30 years.

Why is that important?

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Safety, unparalleled support and vast experience

  • Charles Double Reed Company has had a 30+ plus year relationship with the Fox Products Corporation.
Charles Double Reed Company has a hard earned reputation as a superior dealer of products and instruments from Fox Products, Americas' premier double reed instrument manufacturer.

As a Fox dealer, we offer you fast service, greatly discounted prices and the full backing of Fox Products Corporation, both now and in the future. You can rely on having a valid Fox Warranty, access to the complimentary one year service offer from Fox, and the support of both Charles and Fox for your future oboe questions and concerns.

We have a qualified double reed repair facility which goes over each instrument before you see it, and supports you if your instrument is in need of future service.

Each time you contact us, you can be assured of our dedication to your satisfaction.
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